Accessibility Handbook for the BC Active Transportation Summit 

Transit and Taxis 

Here is a link to a TransLink Trip Planner. There is a drop-down box near bottom of the form, which allows you to add ‘Needs Wheelchair Accessibility.’ You can also call TransLink at 604-953-3333

Our SkyTrains are wheelchair accessible, however it can be crowded especially during rush hours. Also this links you to the rider alert page, which I suggest consulting before heading out to ensure there are no service interruptions and/or out of service elevators. 

While buses and SkyTrains are wheelchair accessible, not every SkyTrain station entrance is and not every route is. The Trip Planner link or phone number will help provide you with the best routes.

For those staying at the Hyatt Regency Downtown (655 Burrard Street, Vancouver, 604-683-1234) the closest SkyTrain station is Burrard Station. The main entrance off the street is not wheelchair accessible. This link has a map showing the location of the wheelchair accessible entrance. Open the Expo Line menu, followed by the Burrard menu and there is a link to a map.

When you are leaving in the morning to go to the SkyTrain Station you will be walking/rolling downhill. Obviously the reverse is true when returning.

For those staying at the Inn at the Quay, (900 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, 604-520-5645) the closest SkyTrain entrance is New Westminster station.

New Westminster is also the SkyTrain station for the Anvil Centre where the Summit is taking place. The same links and advice as listed above apply here. New Westminster Station is on the Expo Line.

*Note: The streets of New Westminster and Vancouver can be very steep and many curb cuts are not well designed and/or maintained and in some cases there are no curb cuts.

Should you require a taxi here is a list of names and numbers. Please note that you can sometimes wait a long time for a wheelchair accessible taxi. You can book a taxi in advance and that may improve your service. It might be especially advisable if you need a wheelchair accessible taxi from New Westminster.

Vancouver Taxis:

  • Vancouver Taxi: 604-871-1111
  • Blacktop Taxi: 604-731-1111
  • Yellow Cab: 604-681-1111

New Westminster:

  • Royal City: 604-526-6666


Accessible Parking is available underneath Anvil Centre.

The clearance is 6’ 6” and the pay station is next to the elevators.

Accessible parking is available on all levels of Anvil Centre Parkade. There are 7 stalls, which are larger at approx. 13’ x 16’, or 4m x 5.1m. Each parking stall is designed for guests who need more space and is accessible via flat ground from the elevators, which have automatic doors. Guests can pay for parking by inputting their licence plate number on the machine next to the elevators.


1 hour: $2.00

2.5 hours: $5.00

6 hours: $6.00

10 hours: $10.00 

Anvil Centre Accessibility Updated

There is a diagonal cut separating the Anvil Centre sidewalk and the public sidewalk. Because of the angle and the gap I am flagging it in spite of having been improved by recent repairs.

There is no smoking within 8 meters of the entrance to Anvil Centre. 

The entrance doors to Anvil Centre are automatic.

However the interior doors are not on auto-door openers and are heavy. Our only way to mitigate this barrier is to offer you assistance if you wish. There will be staff and volunteers available and you can text someone at the Accessibility Desk.


Delegates were notified in advance to respect our scent-free policy and will be reminded throughout the Summit.


The acoustics in the lobby are especially poor. It will likely be very loud and there is a lot of echo.

For this and other reasons instead of waiting in line at the Registration Desk you can register at the Accessibility Desk located in Room 101. We do ask however that if you would like to use this option you let us know in advance if possible. This will allow us to have your registration material at the desk. If you have not notified us in advance you can still register at the Accessibility Desk. 


Wherever you register please be aware that you will need to choose between a red and a blue lanyard, indicating consent or not to be photographed.

A blue lanyard indicates you consent to be included in photos.

A red lanyard indicates you do not consent to be photographed. We will be reminding delegates at every session to only photograph those people who have indicated their consent to be photographed.


Please fill in your pronouns in the line provided for them on your ID badge.


Identity first (disabled person) is the default language used by the Summit but of course respect the right of other disabled people to use person first language if they prefer.


The doors to the Men’s and Women’s Washrooms will be propped open for the event. There are wheelchair accessible stalls in these washrooms however the toilets themselves are less than 17 inches in height.  

All Gender Washrooms are located in Room 101 and to right when you exit the elevator on the second floor.

The washroom in Room 101 and the All Gender washroom closest to the elevator are fitted with toilet seat risers for the event.

Again, a reminder the doors on these washrooms have no auto-openers and are heavy. Please remember accessibility volunteers are here to help. When wanting the door opened to leave we recommend texting and/or flicking the handle.

The taps and soap dispensers have sensors and supplied with scent free soap in all the washrooms.

There are step stools at the sink in the Men’s and Women’s Washrooms.

There are two Hand Dryers placed to two different height levels.

None of the washrooms are Changing Places. They do not have lifts or adult sized change tables.

Baby change tables are located in washrooms.

Rooms 101 and 401

Room 101 is the Accessibility Room

This room serves many roles. It will be a base for the accessibility volunteers and staff whose job is to provide the assistance you request.

It’s a place to register or check in if you wish.

It’s a place with a washroom attached to it.

It’s a place where you can borrow a booster cushion if you want to sit in one of the comfy armchairs but find the height too low. (Apologies but we have a very limited number of these available.)

It’s a place to charge your phone or whatever.

It’s a place to go during breaks if you need a place to sit or just away from the crowds.

It’s a place to borrow a heating pad.

It’s a place to get a plastic straw if you can’t find one at a refreshment station.

It’s hopefully a little bit quieter space than the lobby will be.

Room 401 – The Sensory Friendly Room

This is just a room as far away from the Lobby we could find. It will have lamps and the overhead lights do have dimmer switches.

There will be a variety of seating options.

It’s a place to get away from the noise and the crowds. Anyone can go there for whatever reason we just ask that you not use this as space for conversation.


The options are not the worst but they aren’t the best either. 

The armchair is comfy but low. (16 inches. 

The banquet chair is armless but does have a flexible back. (19 inches)

The office style chairs are comfortable but they both swivel and are on wheels. 

You decide what is best for you – or least of the worst depending. 

Stairs and Elevators

The stairs may pose additional barrier beyond the obvious one for some, in that they are white and can be difficult to distinguish one step from another due to the lack of contrast, particularly in the bright space.

Also please be mindful on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor there is an opening in the glass wall for stairs. This does not seem very visible.

Anyone who prefers to use the elevators may do so

The Summit is aware invisible disabilities exist.

Glass walls and glass shelves.

On the upper floors there is a lot of glass. There is even a glass shelf sticking out from a glass wall. It has sharp edges. We have put orange reflector tape along the edge of the glass shelf in an attempt to make it more visible. 


The lobby is a smooth stone floor and the floor in the theatre is also uncarpeted. Otherwise the rooms have a low pile carpet that is not too bad to wheel on.


Most of the rooms have LED lights on dimmer switches. Some have fluorescent. Rooms 101 and 401 will have lamps.

Refreshments, Lunch and Monday Evening

Unfortunately food will be served buffet style. However staff and volunteers will be on hand to assist as needed. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Staff and volunteers will also be available to assist with carrying coffee or water to your table as needed. 

If you have alerted us to dietary restrictions please consult staff on site.

Plastic bendy straws were ordered for this event.

Service Dogs

Service Dogs are permitted in the Anvil Centre. Please note that all other animals are prohibited. We will make an announcement to remind guests not to pet service dogs. 

A service dog washroom in the form of a small green grass space is located outside the venue, across the street. Some of the area is not wheelchair accessible. 

Charging stations

Electrical sockets are available throughout the venue to charge devices.

Chairs and tables

Chairs will be placed throughout the venue. 

All tables used are at height accessible to wheelchair users from booth trestle tables to 72” rounds in workshops to 30” rounds for casual eating.  

Wide and Clear Pathways

Pathways will be kept wide. 

People will be reminded to tuck in their chairs and push their chair back at the beginning and end of every session.

They will also be reminded to make sure no personal belongings are stored on the floor between tables or walkways.


There will be copies available of a large print version of the Program. The program sent out by Eventbrite is not accessible to screen readers. Please use the link on the Summit website for an accessible version.

Few Final Comments

We have asked Anvil Centre to remove as many barriers as possible such as tripod signage. The poster submissions for the Summit will be displayed directly on walls at a height accessible to wheelchair users. Presenters, including those who have made the posters, have been instructed to describe all visual material. Please consult the Presenters Guidelines for other notes about accessibility of presentations. 

If you have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to meeting all of you! Have a great Summit!

Gabrielle Peters



Accessibility Room - Room 101 

The Sensory Friendly Room - Room 401

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